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Our Journey from Grief to Gratitude

Thank you so much for visiting Tyson's Tail. In so many ways our story is a healing journey from grief to gratitude, and a dream come true. I know, it may seem odd to say losing a pet I loved more than life itself can feel like a dream come true, but sharing our "Tail" most certainly is, because its a mile marker in how far we have come in the 12 years since Tyson ran off into the sunset.

Back then I was living in Sydney, Australia and life was going well. I was a newlywed, my husband and I had wonderful careers and two amazing cats we adored as our 'furkids', Jackson and Tyson.

Then one fateful Sunday Tyson pawed and meowed at our backdoor. The sun was setting and I paused for a moment, almost knowing intuitively that it was a bad idea, but succumbing to his adorable persistence, I let him out. My cell phone rang 5 minutes later and as I heard the words "I'm so sorry, do you have a cat named Tyson?" I fell to the floor and life was never the same. That night I embarked on a deeply personal journey into grief and loss that I had never experienced before, learning much about myself, life and spirit.

Just months away from our 12-year anniversary of that coldest day in May, and we have come a long way, Tysie! It took me many months and years of soul searching and learning to heal my grief, but all along the way I felt the presence of his spirit and love, and was supported by some incredible human beings here on earth, too. Tyson's Tail would not be possible without you, thank you for the love, support, kindness and patience as I became who I was born to be, by losing a beloved pet that felt very much a part of me.

I learned so much in losing Tyson, gaining so much in the experience that I don't see it as a loss anymore, but more of a journey from darkness to light, from grief to gratitude - and its a journey we can all experience by opening ourselves to the eternal nature of love and spirit which never dies, but lives on with us.

If you are experiencing the loss of a beloved, I hold you in my heart and give you huge hugs (in fact, Tyson's Tail has been written as a hug from me to you, for animal lovers of all ages). Know there is a silver lining to every dark cloud. and that something wonderful always comes from something awful, we just have to open ourselves up to the eternal magic of love and spirit. Remember to breathe, trust that every emotion you are feeling is valid and just, and know nothing in this life can separate you from your beloveds, not even death. Hold them in your heart, keep on loving them, as they do you, and keep on going. Look for the things to be grateful for in your grief and, in doing so, open yourself to the unlimited love of spirit and bounty in life.



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