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Sharing Tyson's Tail with the world

Updated: Mar 9

After 10 years in the making, two countries, and countless hours loving toiled away, we are excited to share Tyson's Tail with the world!

Based on a true story, Tyson's Tail takes the reader on a very personal but often unspoken journey from grief to gratitude. This is a story of a girl, whose charismatic, crazy cat Tyson dies. We first meet Tyson, experience his loss from the perspective of the girl, and then embark on a spirited, magical adventure as Tyson reaches out to her from beyond.

This book is my story, my passion project and the foundation of my belief: that love and spirit is eternal and never dies. By sharing our story, I want to lift the weight of grief for animal lovers dealing with pet loss, and shine a light of hope into the darkness of loss.

Lovingly written for animal lovers of all ages, this is our story of life, death and eternal love. Dedicated to you, my readers and anyone experiencing the pain of grief from the loss of a beloved pet. From my heart to yours, I understand what you are going through, I am with you, and so is your pet, forever more. Mel XO



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