Tyson's Tail


ISBN-13: 978-1543927023

Tyson is a charismatic and adventurous tabby cat who is adored by his girl. When his life is tragically cut short the little girl faces many emotions, feeling sad and lost without her beloved best friend. Then something magical happens! Tyson's tail reaches out to the little girl in her dreams, proving that his love and spirit is still with her and will never die. As the girl journeys from grief to gratitude she learns  that we are all one spirit, united by love, which lives within us forever.

Inspired by a true story, Tyson’s Tail is based on the author's personal experience of the death of her cat Tyson, who was hit by a car in 2008. Tyson's Tail is written from a place of love, understanding and hope, embracing the myriad of emotions faced by anyone who has lost a beloved companion. Lovingly written with the intention to heal the hearts of anyone feeling immense sadness and grief over losing a beloved pet, this book is dedicated to animal lovers of all ages.

Tyson's Tail is a beautiful, enchanting and uplifting book with ethereal illustrations and a powerful message of a love, friendship and spirit that will never die. Stories have the power to heal all wounds, and Tyson's Tail broaches the emotions surrounding loss and grief with empathy, inspiring the reader to go on a seldom spoken journey from life to death and beyond. Tyson's Tail celebrates the undying power of love, friendship and spirit. Join us on a spirited journey from grief to gratitude.

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